Company Name: Advex Corporation
Business Size: Small
Seaport-e Point of Contact: Sondra Mayfield
Link to Seaport-e website, if applicable:
Functional Areas Supported: 3.4
Zones Supported (1 - 7): Virginia
Brief Description of Capabilities:
Structural Fabrication and installation, Inside Machining, Welding, Piping, NDE, Vent Fabrication and installation
Complete the below table for the last 3 years service experience:
Contract/TO Number Ordering Activity/Program/Customer Zone Seaport-e Functional Area Brief Description of Scope or Deliverables
Various Purchase Orders  Huntington Ingalls VA   Ventilation Fabrication
Various Purchase Orders  Huntington Ingalls VA   Foundation Fabrication
Various Purchase Orders  Marine Hydraulics VA   Shop Fabrication/Shipboard installation
Various Purchase Orders  BAE Systems VA   Shop Fabrication/Shipboard installation
Numerous Other PO's with last years sales totaling 15 mil +