Quality Assurance Program

The Prism Maritime quality assurance program uses ISO 9001:2000 (Quality Management Systems, Requirements) standards for quality management systems in accordance with NAVSEA STD 009-04. This is used to aid in the effectiveness of the company’s quality assurance program. We also incorporated ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9004:2000 (Quality Management Systems, guidelines to performance improvement) to add efficiency to the company as a whole. By utilizing both of these quality management system guidelines, our employees meet or exceed our customers’ expectations and provide product and service excellence through quality management.

The quality assurance team includes every employee at company because every employee takes place in quality management. Team members are trained in every area in which they are tasked to perform. This training comes in many forms from fire-watch training, CVN Awareness, task specific training i.e. blown fiber, connector building, various welding techniques and other diverse forms of training needed to perform daily operations. Every employee demonstrates competence before ever performing tasks which may affect conformance to standards.

Through training programs to train our employees, to providing them with the most up-to-date processes and the equipment to perform these tasks, the management at Prism Maritime is committed to product and service excellence. This commitment to quality assurance is backed through customer surveys to gage the effectiveness and efficiency of our products and services, and improved upon through monitoring and measuring of our products, services, processes and employees. Management takes the results from these measurements and surveys, and looks for areas to improve on the effectiveness and efficiency of company.

Quality Policy Statement

Prism Maritime's Quality Policy is guided by the company's Strategic Business Goals which are derived from the company's Business Plan. This Policy is fully committed by the company's owners and its top management personnel. This commitment generates a culture that nurtures a passionate quality environment at Prism that flows across all lines of management.

Prism's Quality Policy:

Prism will strive to meet and satisfy all quality requirements of its customers as well as all quality objectives set by top management. Prism commits to continuously improve its QMS as well as to revisit its quality objectives routinely.


Ron E Lee

President and CEO

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